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Best known for the image known as Testing Manifesto and the book series Coaches Guide to - which she co-authored with Samantha Laing. With her various conference talks, shes become known for teaching leadership skills and caring as part. She comes from a developer background started with TDD and grew to testing for understanding. She contributes as Exploristics' Tester, ensuring that their product meets customer expectations, performing acceptance, regression and exploratory testing, and has hands-on experience on Selenium WebDriver. The presentation gives information about hiking routes in different scale and presents hiking areas like Vesterålen and Lofoten together with information of different walks and lodging possibilities along the fjords and in the archipelago on the coast of the Northern Norway. Mary Agbro (UK) Mary works as Software Test Engineer at Financial Times and has over a decade of experience. By Anne-Marie Charrett, wiT working party (Maaret Pyhäjärvi, Lisa Crispin, Nicola Sedgwick, Lisi Hocke, Ale Moreira, Ashley Hunsberger, Alex Schladebeck, Claire Moss and others). Suksien nouto pitkiä matkoja hiihtäville myös aamulla ennen linja-autojen lähtöä/starttia. As a member of program committees such as Test Automation Day 2017. Ti.4.2019 klo 10:30 - 11:15 REX voitelukurssi, Olos / voiteluhalli nro 5 klo 11:30 - 12:30 Hiihdon tekniikkavinkkejä, maajoukkuehiihtäjät Kerttu Niskanen Anssi Pentsinen, Lapponia-hiihdon lähtöpaikka Madelammella klo 12:30 - 14:00 Lounasmahdollisuus (lisämaksusta Hirsiravintolassa tai Polar Kodassa, ei sisälly. Nicola Sedgwick (UK) @nicolasedgwick Nicola does coaching and test management in collaborative teams. She is great and inspiring speaker on behalf of diversity and equality of women in tech and models ways to address these issues.

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Maja Schreiner (Switzerland) @majaschreiner Maja works at Swisscom with testing, and has a career of 15 years in mix of software development and quality engineering. Vesku on pitkän linjan hiihtomies joka on vaikuttanut Peltosen kenttätiimissä lukuisten vuosien ajan. Felienne Hermans (Netherlands) @Felienne Felienne is a university professor and a programmer, yet found often deep in the realms of testing. You may find her regularly speaking on experiences, in particular around DevOps, in various conferences. Over the years, shes been both a programmer and a tester and in addition to usability focus in design, she is a Selenium expert. Participation numbers and time chips available previous evening before the race from 5 pm until. Testing - providing feedback on quality of the systems we are producing - has never been so relevant. Vivien Ibiyemi (Sweden) @VivienIbiyemi Listening to Vivien speak is to be transported to a world where innovation and collaboration are obvious. She is also very encouraging to juniors and peers. Since AgileTD 2016, she has evolved and has inspired others to start speaking as well with her Learning partner project. She is a thoughtful tester who teaches commercial bbst courses alongside with Cem Kaner.

trainer4you personal trainer pyhajarvi

Polar kota at 8 pm Learn About Muonio Lapland (in English) Lasse Peltonen, the Mayor of Muonio, welcomes you to Muonio, village of happy people. The event organizers assume no liability for any personal belongings and equipment of the participants. Soup meal available in Olos log restaurant and included in participation fee. Maaret, pyhäjärvi is feedback fairy with a day job at F-Secure, where she works as Engineering Manager. European Testing Conference 2016 A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball: 2014 Katrina the Tester: 2014 cloudstagram tagged videos, images & photos trending She identifies as empirical technologist, tester and programmer, catalyst for improvement, author and speaker, and community facilitator. And sometimes you meet people not necessarily in person who make unmatched contributions to help you in terms of your career to overcome those obstacles and problems. First off, she can babble you dizzy with her diverse knowledge on the important and less important things in life.

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The event organizers assume no liability for any personal belongings and equipment of the participants. Shes an awesome businesswoman and an entrepreneur, and her story of how she built a company around a problem she personally experienced is inspiring. She draws from her extensive experience and network, and has the knowledge with decades in the industry and popular books of testing basics to experiences in automation. Carly Dyson (UK) @carlymdyson Carly is an IT consultant specializing amongst other things in testing. Isabel Evans (UK) @IsabelE_Test Isabel is independent quality and testing consultant with over 30 years of experience. Marlena Compton (USA) Starting her career as a tester, Marlena table flipped into full-stack programmer. On the side, she helps with Ministry of Testing and helps people write their vaimo venäjältä kokemuksia numeropalvelu thoughts more clearly to be published as Testing Planet articles on the Dojo. Her interest is all around the tech industry, and shes active in Women in Tech groups. Her blog is at m/. She is a past organizer of the Boulder QA Meetup and continues to be an active member of the international testing community. She works with AstraZeneca as a Test Manager. Between 10 am-8 pm and Sport store open on Friday between 10 am-. She is a thought leader with a genuine passion for, and deep knowledge of agile. She blogs at m/. Program of day offs, at Lapland hotel Olos, check out from here! She has a specialty in experimenting under time pressure. With her practical no-nonsense attitude, she makes a difference in any project she takes. She is dedicated to whole team quality in her current role as a Software Test Pilot. In the last years, the community has acclaimed eight exceptional people for their achievements. As an Product Quality Architect at Blackboard, Inc, she loves helping to strategize and facilitate testing, working with teams to incorporate those strategies into their development. Deborah Lee (UK) @DeborahLee89 Deborah tests websites and mobile apps, and is recommended by her peers. Shes an insightful technical expert who shares her lessons at conferences. She blogs at m 113. She like things to release more often and break less often.

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She works with agile and has wonderful insights into how to make BDD work. We have shortlisted the 2018 Top 10 nominees below: Rank 10, emily Webber, emily is an expert on Communities of Practice and agile working techniques. Nancy Kelln (Canada) @nkelln Nancy is a passionate and enthusiastic tester and test manager and an international speaker. You can find Lina in some conferences, but if youre ever around in Budapest and up for a great discussion on testing, get in touch with her. To.4.2019 klo 10:30 - 11:15 REX voitelukurssi, Olos / voiteluhalli nro 5 klo 11:30 - 12:30 Hiihdon tekniikkavinkkejä, maajoukkuehiihtäjät Kerttu Niskanen Anssi Pentsinen, Lapponia-hiihdon lähtöpaikka Madelammella klo 12:30 - 14:00 Lounasmahdollisuus (lisämaksusta Hirsiravintolassa tai Polar Kodassa, ei sisälly passiin) klo 14:00. Its a field as wide as programming and an essential part of development. She is a through Context Driven Development (CDD) Tester with a strong hand in ethics. Over the years, shes overcome her fears in public speaking and shares valuable stuff in conferences as speaker, organizer and volunteer.

trainer4you personal trainer pyhajarvi

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trainer4you personal trainer pyhajarvi People who have influenced you quite a lot in the field of software testing, who taught you skills, changed your way of thinking or pushed you out of your comfort zone. Emily has written a book on Dojos and authored numerous little problems to practice around,.g. If youre lucky enough to hear bb nakukuvat ilmaisia tissikuvia one of her lightning talks at a conference, shell truly rock you with both her content and delivery. She is originally from Lithuania and with a drastic career move ended up with a startup as its first full-time tester.
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